A fast-paced, enthralling science fiction mystery which will leave fans craving for the next book.

"A ... rip-roaring, action-packed, and perplexing near-future science fiction/crime fiction mashup. Total Eclipse presents another high-octane and complexly twisted case for Kate Devana." -- Manhattan Book Review.

"Totally enjoyable...This book has all the earmarks of what makes reading sci-fi so enjoyable—warm-hearted characters with nerves of steel and situations and conflicts that have us gripping our seats to see who will come out the winner." - The International Review of Books, Gold Badge Award

On the moon, Kate Devana is the law.

Did you hear the one about the billionaire, thief, and sex robot who walked into a bar?

A rogue AI in a miniskirt is walking around the lunar colony blackmailing and killing people, forcing Kate Devana, a retired Marine and Space Force Guardian, to come out of semi-retirement.

She returns to find it's become the new Wild West. The powers that be don't like her much because the last time she was there, she blew the place up. But the colony's not big enough for all of them.

Can Kate stop the rogue AI without nuking the place like last time? Then again, with so much billionaire vanity in one place, maybe she should do the solar system a favor.

A fast-paced, enthralling science fiction mystery which will leave fans craving for the next book.

"The story's fast-paced nature and its captivating setting on the moon, replete with cutting-edge technology, offer all the hallmarks of an enthralling science fiction tale." -- Maria Yinks, San Francisco Book Review

"Werne's storytelling technique ... deftly balances interstellar politics with an  amalgam of end-to-end action and Sherlock Holmes-styled sleuthing. The conversations between the characters are the icing on the cake as Werne displays an innate ability to extract comedic instances from even the most serious-sounding situation." - Readers Favorite

On the moon, Kate Devana is the law.

When  an anti-technology terrorist cult dubs themselves The Orionids after the October meteor storm, knife a wedding guest, and then sets off a devastating bomb, Kate Devana must find a way to stop them before they become an extinction-level event.

She’s the chief of security for  the Lunar Colony and a Marine and a Guardian, trained to fight behind enemy lines while outnumbered in space.

But she finds herself scrambling to keep the place from becoming the new Wild West. She’s a department of one, an eight-hour rocket ride from the nearest Earth police station, and she’s busy preventing the drunk uber-rich celebrities from killing each other. Her only backup will come to investigate political enemies if they come at all.